Centers and Labs

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The Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy allows students to dynamically explore both environmental science and policy.

Broad Key is a 63-acre island complete with a main house, dock and boathouse is located just off the coast of Key Largo. 

Climate Risks and Preparedness study interacting hazards including extreme heat, wildfires, sea level rise, and flooding.

The Exploration Science Lab is a space for Exploration Science students.

The Environmental and Resource Economics lab works on several themes, including environmental conservation, climate change, fisheries, natural disasters, and coastal management.

Human Dimensions of Change Laboratory uses empathic ethnography to examine lives of these coastal people in the midst of climates of change.

The Johnson Center for Marine Conservation is a hub for interdisciplinary and solutions-oriented marine conservation research, education, and outreach at the Rosenstiel School.

Marine Ecosystems Services Laboratory focuses in developing the understanding of ecosystem dynamics and the resulting ecosystem services with a special focus on the provision of commercial seafood and recreational fishery opportunities.

The Shark Research and Conservation Program is centered broadly on the behavioral ecology, conservation biology and movement ecology of sharks.

Tarpon Bonefish Center (TBC)